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Ecological advertising objects

Under what circumstances can advertising objects be useful?

Published on 01/09/2018

They are no longer considered new features since many companies have released them during their marketing campaigns in recent years. However, there are still professionals who doubt their interests. We will take stock of the ecological advertising items and in particular tell you under what circumstances they may prove useful.

The characteristics of an eco-advertising object

This is an ethical gift, an eco-responsible goodie or an ethical object, but what is behind these names? Even if there is no universal definition to qualify this type of article, we can agree that these are communication media that have a positive impact on people and the environment. They are likely to be made up of materials from the transformed or unprocessed nature, usually more obvious to recycle at the end of life. The ecological advertising object may also involve a short circuit (local or national manufacturing) and meet much higher standards than those prevailing in other countries, especially in Asia. There is a real notion of added value, and the increasing manufacture of such products has helped to drive down their prices. While the high tariffs on ecological objects represented a potential brake on their democratization a few years ago, they remain largely affordable for their professionals today. Their beneficiaries will be less likely to part with it, regardless of their nature. It is therefore not surprising to learn that 87% of French people say they want to receive more ecological advertising objects (source 2FCPO).

A wide variety of media to promote its business

The selection of objects with an ecological dimension is not restricted, far from it! Our customers find on all kinds of communication media potentially in their effigy. First of all, we refer to organic sponge towels, recycled blankets and eco-responsible linen listed in our catalogue. You can then discover a wide variety of customizable clothing like the neshed submarine and the children's t-shirt made of organic cotton. Is it more advertising baggage that is attracting your interest? The characteristics of Chennai jute bags such as eco-friendly tote bags must necessarily hold your attention. From the parking disc to the recycled piggy bank to the battery that recharges with solar energy: we are the supplier of many objects that can allow you to convey the image of a company concerned with sustainable development.

Ecological advertising objects meet a variety of objectives

From their added value and environmental contribution, ecological advertising objects are great business. Then, they give the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and can help gain visibility at an event. Ecological goodies are also timely when trying to get the talk of a new product or the opening of an establishment. In addition, these objects meet the expectations of professionals who wish to reach a wider audience, such as consumers in favor of decline.

The materials?

In the first place, we refer to objects of various kinds made up of organic cotton. Its culture promotes fair trade, but it does not require any chemical treatment

Feed professionals have the opportunity to make their business publicized by distributing clothing and various communication media in bamboo fiber, a material derived from an ecological production, which is distinguished in particular by its antibacterial properties and breathability. Recycled woven propylene and natural burlap are other materials that make up the ecological objects we make in the image of all kinds of companies.

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