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Advertising football cage

Customized football goals with logo | Wholesaler

These are sports equipment that we supply to holiday and leisure centres, hotels and sports associations. They can also be suitable for professionals who provide all kinds of gifts to their works council. The advertising football cage is not only a communication medium with considerable impact, but it is also a piece of equipment that your prospects are likely to come into contact with in joyful circumstances. An opportunity to expose children and their parents to your brand and therefore to the values you convey. It fits perfectly on a terrace or garden and can be easily transported. We offer foldable football goals for sale, which we can make in your own image (logo, illustration, website address) by means of screen printing or transfer.

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Ref 00053V0016194

Zubigol Goal Cage

Zubigol Goal Cage
Zubigol-Foldable Goal Cage, Product Size(s):134x70x80cm, Cardboard Size(s):45x29x45cm, Material(s):Nylon

17,34 € excl tax

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Ref 00053V0106571

Inflatable Bentul Goal Cage

Inflatable Bentul Goal Cage
Inflatable goal cage Bentul, additional info: SPECIAL FOLDING FOR PRINTING., 72x126x50cm, Material: PVC

6,20 € excl tax

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